UV Curing Glass Reinforced Plastic

Polyester Resin / Vinlyester Resin

Uv Curing GRP, Inpex Itchys LNG,

Fabricated UV-Curing GRP Cladding by Teknicorr

Using market-leading materials we fabricate to suit the needs of your project

  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (UV-GRP) Cladding comes in an easy to use pre-fabricated format

  • Thickness available as 1.2mm - 2.5mm 

  • The GRP Cladding provides a strong, weatherproof covering for insulation systems.

  • The GRP system has excellent mechanical properties, fire retardancy, vapour retardancy, and weathering performance tested to ISO 20340

  • Compatible with all types of insulation material, systems can be designed for hot or cold insulation. 

  • The GRP Cladding is bonded together using a flexible adhesive at the overlaps of each part.

  • By protecting the insulation system from water entry and mechanical damage our GRP Cladding provides a long-term solution for optimising plant operations CUI risk.

  • Compliant with international standards and specifications such as Norsok, Cini, and Shell DEP

  • Cold Spill Protection and Jet Fire Rated, when combined with Chartek and Jotchar Intumescant Epoxy, tested to ISO 22899-1 and fully  certified by Lloyds Register (SAS F170165) 

UV Curing GRP Straight Cover

Straight pipe covers

supplied as a two-piece for insulation OD below 6 inch and in one piece up to as big as is practical for your application..


Elbow , Tee , End Caps, Reducers

UV Curing GRP 90 Elbow
UV GRP Box, SR End Seal


Valve, Flange, Pump, Instrument

Tank and Vessel side wall panels

Pre-Curved and Flat panels

GRP Flat Panel, UV GRP Flat Panel, GRP Roofing Sheet
UV GRP Tank Panel, UV GRP gores

Pre-Curved Head Gores

Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Process Vessels and Pressure Vessels

HVAC Cladding



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UV Curing GRP Linings and Pipe Wraps

Suitable for Bund Lining, Tank Lining, Mechanical Protection of soft coating systems, protection of coatings from rock strikes.

Available in rolls 10M x 1M and Reels 10CM x 10M

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Polyester Base

UV GRP Reels, Solar Reel
  • lower cost

  • Fire Retardent

  • Good Chemical Resistance

Vinylester Base

GRP pipe Wrap, UV GRP pipe protection
  • Highest quality resin

  • Very good chemical resistant

  • Temperature resistance up to 135 Deg C


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